A node on the silk road: Iran

I’ve traveled in the West and I’ve been in the Far East. Now I’ve travelled to somewhere in the middle: the Middle East. To a country formerly known as Persia, I’m off to Iran!

The more I googled about this county, the more I became fascinated with it. And now that I’ve been, I definitely would want to go there again. The people are friendly, kind and helpful, the country is stunning.




Persepolis and nearby sights

*** Update 14th of March 2019: So I have a potential business trip coming up to the USA, but my ESTA was already expired. My new application got denied. Reason: I’ve been in Iran a few years back. So I needed to apply for an actual visa. It was a bit more hassle, which I actually didn’t mind. But the staff that were handling my application were quite passive aggressive, like they were personally offended that I ever went to a place like Iran. So now I have a visa stickered in my passport, valid for 10 years with unlimited entry to the USA. I decided to add this update in case someone sees this old post, so they have a heads up to be mindful of your traveling plans (including for business). I still do recommend Iran as a travel destination, but if you have to be in the USA regularly, you might want to reconsider. ***

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