Help! My cube is getting to big!

The title pretty much says it all. The data model in my cube, which lives in Azure Analysis Services (AAS). Which means that at some point the performance of the cube will suffer which means anything you build on top of it will also experience loss of performance. Facing a similar problem? Here’s my way of solving our woes.


You already have, or this is the case very soon, too much data in your cube. This impacts the performance of not only the cube, but everything you’ve build on top of it.

Of course you can just scale-up to a more expensive AAS tier. But even that has it’s limits. Plus: not everyone has the budget to do so.

Solution part 1: indexing, indexing, indexing.

Solution part 2: do I really need all this data?

Solution part 3: do I really need this level granularity?

Solution part 4: does everything really need to be in 1 model?

In conclusion

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