My Travels in Numbers

No more yearly upload of data and manual calculations. No everything in a neat Power BI report. This post will probably be updated as the years go by and new features get rolled out.

Change log

14/11/2020: Of course I’m a sucker for new features in Power BI. And one of them is the new visual called Azure Maps. This is closely related to the launch of Digital Twin and Azure Maps Weather Services. Getting it to work in Power BI Desktop was easy. But once you publish it in the Service and want to Embed it, there are some configurations necessary in de Admin Portal to make it work. Turns out: this visual doesn’t support embedded yet, so I’m back to using the good ol’ Maps visual. But as soon as embedded is supported, you can bet that I’ll use it.

12/03/2019: So I’ve been very busy at work redesigning a ton of dashboards. I’ve Googled a lot to get some inspiration. This inspired me to take a look at my own dashboards and give them a facelift.

01/08/2018: Some of you might have noticed some down time on my dashboards. This is because I was using my work account to embed these Power BI dashboards on this blog. Now that I’ve changed employer I obviously can’t keep them there, so I needed to find a new tenant which I can use. For now I’m parking it in the tenant of my current employer, but I am to have my own tenant soon.

15/05/2018: So I’ll be switching employers soon, and the new one is very health and sustainability oriented. And although I try to be very aware of my environmental footprint, I’ve realized that I can do much more. Starting with trying to compensate my CO2 emissions. There are a number of tests you can do online for this, and then I realized that although my footprint isn’t so bad, most of it is due to travelling. So I decided to take the time and add CO2 emission calculations to this dashboard. These (for now) are only based on traveled distance and mode of transportation.

10/04/2017: With changing this up in my career comes a whole new set of tools. One of them is Power BI. My first public dashboard? Data on my travels! This is all very simple, a more dynamic version of my static world maps that I upload each year. Only this time it’s more dynamic and gives me some space to add more things to it. Do you have specific stuff you want to see? Drop me a comment or an email.

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