Power BI Desktop April 2019 Feature Summary

It’s time for a new monthly Power BI update! And like every month there are tons and tons of new features available.

Again Microsoft as come with a solid set of updates to Power BI Desktop. I’m feel like I’m sounding like a broken record. Maybe I need to just have a standard sentence I need to use… O, wait. I can’t do that, since I care about my SEO. Rats! Anyhooo…

There are a number of feature that caught my attention. And honorable mention goes to predefined table styles. Why is this an honorable mention and thus not worthy of a dedicated blog post? Easy! For the dashboard and/or reports in which I even remotely care about styling I use (custom) Power BI themes. And if I don’t care about styling, I’d probably would not even bother making a predefined table style. So yeah…

So the features that are definitely blog post worthy are… cue drum roll… The ability to use R scripts in the query editor and… that you can now use custom maps with ShapeMaps? Okay, I admit, the last one might sound a bit anti-climatic. But I just have a well documented thing for maps.

So for this month’s update, I’ll probably write 2 blog posts, each dedicated to the aforementioned feature updates.

*** Update 09/08: Using R scripts inside the query editor of Power BI Desktop: cool, but I’ll probably pass. ***

Click below for the monthly update video.

To read the blog by Microsoft: https://powerbi.microsoft.com/en-us/blog/power-bi-desktop-july-feature-summary/

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