Power BI Desktop November 2020 Feature Summary

It’s time for a new monthly Power BI update! And like every month there are tons and tons of new features available.

As customary you can find the video discussing all feature summaries at the end of the post. But first lets dive into a couple of features that caught my attention.

My first “ooooo nice” moment was for the Visual Zoom Slider. Cutting down on filters (either on canvas or in the panel) and still being able to dimensions in visuals? Yes please! I’m definitely going to check how I can use this in some of my dashboards.

Then the updates for the Paginated Reports. I’ll be very honest. I’ve looked into this feature when it first came out, and kind of dismissed it since it wasn’t really interesting for me. The concept was great, but I had a hard time getting it to work. But having sample reports to start off with, is awesome! I’ll definitely play around with these.

The last thing I wanted to highlight is the out of the box anomaly detection on time series data. Granted, it’s still in preview, but am loving the idea already. Since previously I had to resort to Python for this. It doesn’t really say how anomalies are detected, so I’ll delve a bit deeper to see if I can find out what kind of technique is used. And I’m also very curious if I can use this in the same chart as the Visual Zoom Slider. Would the anomalies change when taking into account dimension shifts? Cool stuff.

I’ll definitely want to write some blog posts about these features, but unfortunately can’t say when these will be online. December is a busy month, even more so this year since it’s been a strange and eventful year. But as you know, I’ll update this posts with links to these blog posts when they’re online.

To read the blog by Microsoft: Power BI November 2020 Feature Summary | Microsoft Power BI Blog | Microsoft Power BI

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