IT zit bij mij in het bloed: mijn eerste vakantiebaantje als brugklasser op de middelbare school was in de zomervakantie mijn vader helpen websites bouwen. Zo is mijn liefde voor programmeren en techniek ontstaan en doe ik niets liever. Hoewel ik het websites bouwen al een langere tijd niet meer doe, kan ik mijn passie voor IT kwijt op gebied van data: geen analyse is te moeilijk, geen infrastructuur te complex en geen organisatie die er geen waarde uit kan halen. Al ruim 11 jaar zet ik me in om organisaties in verschillende sectoren hun data-gerelateerde doelen te realiseren. 

As a senior BI/data specialist, I know better than anyone the importance of the bridge between technology and the organization, and that it is an interaction between the two. That is why I like to use my communication and advisory skills to not only collect requirements and translate them correctly, but also to coordinate processes (in both Agile and Waterfall), guide people, teams and organizations and lend a hand where necessary to get stuck in. And I can do the latter very well! 

I also have the technical knowledge to think about the content of the technology, to develop it further and to actively participate in building it. 

I have more than 10 years of experience in the field of data analysis. From real-time dashboards to automatic periodic C-level reports, from reporting for niche activities to overarching overviews. I built them all in Microsoft PowerBI with an additional step: providing advice for next steps. Because what is a nice, insightful dashboard if the end user does not know what to do with the information? I help them with some training and guidance. 

A little further to the “back” you come to the field of data engineering. I have also been able to develop myself in this area over the past 7 years on the Microsoft Azure Stack. From migrations from on-premises to the cloud, updating existing processes to the latest Azure services, or creating something completely new. Is there already a plan? Then I can build it, often end-to-end. 

Are there any questions about how we can best do this to meet the needs of the organization? Then I can think along: I have already seen and built many platforms and over the past 4 years I have been involved in the data architecture within organizations. I adhere to standards that are widely supported within Data Management, such as DAMA-DMBOK. 

Because I know that just carrying out projects and building up experience is not always enough, I have also obtained the necessary certifications to theoretically support my practical knowledge. For example, I am a certified SCRUM Product Owner and Scrum Master. I have various Microsoft certifications in the field of data and I can soon add a number in the field of IT architecture.

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